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I needed to do some important update on my bank account which had gone dormant due to patronage of another bank and had made my way to the bank when something that happened before me as I was about to enter sent my thoughts racing and on the egde.

The bank entrance was one of those cylindrical doors with automatic detectors which usually refused to open if you had the smallest bit of metal on you.

Usually, a security guard would hold all your detector triggering belongings (like your keys, phone, metallic pen etc.) for you to step into the cyclindrical door then hand then over to you before the door closed so you could proceed.

This dude in native with an Islamic cap in front of me steps into the cylinder door and the door refused to open while a recorded voice tells him to step out to be cleared. He hands over his phones and keys to the guard and steps in again. The door refuses to give way for him and he steps out again. This time he had nothing to drop before entering. The guard let him in again and this time the door gave way and he was able to go in.

I started thinking…Islamic dude…suicide bomber…Boko Haram…

I almost didn’t want to enter the bank!

Its amazing how all the news of bomb explosions happening in Naija can start messing with your head. I’m still trying to fathom it.

I mean…the thought of a suicide bomber in Naija is frigging scary. It means fundamentalism has moved up to a far more deadly level.

When did they suddenly start the new trend of blowing oneself to bits all in the name of hatred for civilisation? Before it used to be violent clashes, then it became kidnappings…now its bombings! And bombs are far more deadly that the first two criminally insane acts. You could still run when a violent clash is taking place somewhere, or be careful not to move in areas where kidnappings could take place or still get your life back if you ever get kidnapped.

But with bombs it’s different. There’s no way you can know when and where it’s going to explode so you have to watch out for every suspicious move. I saw an ad on TV some days ago telling people to report suspicious behavior or funny looking packages placed in odd places to the authorities.

There’s just enough reason to be scared in Naija today. If the Nigerian Police headquarters could be bombed like a piece of cake, then where is the security in this our precious country? They say they would investigate the matter like they always do and eventually we hear nothing more about it.

And one other thing bugs me; how come there are no security cameras in a place such as the Police headquarters? This would have been a big step if an investigation were to truly take place. I hope they start thinking of taking such step. It’s just a matter of time before panic begins to sweep across the nation.

This is why Nigeria needs prayers more than ever.

Because the only security I can say is sure….is that of God.

NB: A colleague got this embarrasing info that mocks our security in Naija on facebook below...


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