When Nigerians Improvise 2 [Photos]

Nothing ever goes to waste in Naija. I'm sure Nigeria would top the list of nations that know how to improvise or adapt to any situation. Its just that the way we manage things at times can be hilarious...

This was once a voters' ballot box. Now retired for the sale of 'puff puff'

I didn't know Louis Vutton also designed Ghana-must-go bags!

This pair of jeans is called the 'Toyota Camary'...not even a 'Toyota Camry.'  

If Spartacus was filmed in Naija, would this guy pass the audition?
Replace sword with Cutlass, adult diapers with Ankara wrapper...

Addidas by Nike...abi na Nike by Addidas?

Even if you don't have the perfect butt, try photo-shopping it
...not using Microsoft paint to enlarge it!

All things are possible...even cooking beans with a pressing iron!

For your mind you don wear designers.
If it is not Puma, it is not the same thing as Puma.

Yorubas call it 'Ba nbe'...meaning you'll grow into it. Good luck!

I'm still trying to believe that Ibadan get im own fragrance line.

Don't we all just hate what happens to our
Ku band/DSTV connection when rain starts falling ?

I hope these aren't meant to be NY Facecaps?

lol...what does this look like?

At least she can cook vegetable stew
instead of sniffing flowers till they die!

Either this was a factory reject or some Igbo T-shirt maker no sabi spell!

Hope you didn't laugh too much.

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simply mee said...

ahahahahahaha....i trust my 9ja pipo......we are creative!

Sykik said...

ROFLMAO...kilode.....where do you get this pinctures from ....... adidas by nike indeed... i haff die... ingenuity on a don jazzy level.

Afronuts said...

@Simply mee...abi?

@Sykik....lol...you won't believe where I found them

LMAO a wa oh "at least she can cook vegetables instead of sniffing flowers till they die" LOL

Hahahaha the shoes are so funny!!!!!
Coma oh my lawd roflmao!!