Who's this girl?

I received a mail three days ago from a chick saying she's interested in having a relationship with me.

By the time I read through the first paragraph I knew that it was a 419 scam letter. Usually after discovering this from the first paragraph, my next act would be to delete it. However, the attached photos and curiosity got me thinking.

They were photos of a pretty young lady probably in her twenties. The name on the letter claimed she was ‘Miss Rose Harry Kamara’ of one Liberian ‘Senator Harry Kamara.’

Out of curiosity I googled the name and was led to the site www.romancescam.com. It led me to a thread that featured the same lady in these pictures.

She had been featured under different aliases or fake names, and the scam mails featuring her have been in circulation since 2010. Her a well used image for romance scams.

It got me wondering….who is actually the woman in the photo? Does she know that her pics are being circulated for perpetuating fraud online? Or is she part of the whole scheme?(which would be stupid if it were so).  It reminds me of the Cecilia Vordzorgbey nude pictures which were being circulated and paraded along with a fake story that she was a married female banker sleeping with an office colleague.

This goes to show that the internet is not a place to toy with your personal stuff…especially with total strangers.

Anybody know her? Abeg tell her she's scam statistic...!

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simply mee said...

Yes, internet is a place to KEEP AWAY your personal life...if only people will know that!
Am personally not a fan of all these photo tagging..and whatsnot...some things are simply not done!
I don't believe the lady in the pic knows.....and it might be someone close to her that is uing her pics.

Afronuts said...

@simple mee...in fact, I've been very scarce on facebook too. I'm shifty about posting personal pics now.